Ninindi Shares her Vision

Hey, I’m Ninindi; which means River Running Free.  And I bring to you Earth Mother Music – a growing collection of heartfelt music – that with focus and intent on the words and sounds of the songs, will transform the hearts and minds of people all around the world.

I’ve been singing all my life, and through my own transformative journey of life, have come to realise the importance of choosing the language you speak, the words you use, and the intent and focus that you join to that.  With it, we have the power to change our beliefs, actions, and the potency of our sharing in the world so that our world can become a place we all love to live in.

I know that this is my intent.

I have six children that I love to see happy in the world.  I intend to continue to give them a happy place to share their gifts in.

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