Gain a sense of peace and clarity with your own Unique Voice

One of the most important things I’ve learned from the act of singing,
is how important it is to simply be.


To simply be, without an agenda, expectation, or judgement, is the
ultimate freedom of flexibility and resilience you can have in your life.
It allows you to do more, be more, act more.  To be at  peace with your life.


ninindi-meditatingMusic, or more specifically, singing, is one most effective tools I have used
that calms me down. Lets me free to soar in meditation, and
vibrates through my body with such a soothing feeling that I want to
continue singing as the moment moves me.


A friend reiterated that very thing to me today, how singing makes her
feel so calm, and vibrates through her body like an internal massage.


My love of making music, versus listening to music grew as my parents
sang to me as a child with beautiful a cappella harmonies on long
distance drives across country.


I would listen and join in when I could, basking in this sensory feast
of the ears and body.  Internalising the very essence of sound and
singing that makes my voice what it is today.


As John Harracharan, award winning self-help author and speaker,
says about my singing voice, “the music fills your being with peace,
joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times.”


I remember as a child, talking to nature spirits in the bush and communing
with my own guides and spirits when I needed them most.


Growing up on my own a lot of the time gave me the freedom to be me,
and happy in my own company.  It also gave me the freedom to explore
my artistic temperament.


It was not until my later years though, that I really flourished with my
singing voice.  When I had children, and could no longer explore the creative arts as
easily, I moved into music.  Having already studied some music when
I was a child, music made sense.  Instead of playing an instrument which
proved to be difficult with children, I began to hone my singing voice.


And with it, my love of connecting to nature and exploring my own nature
via sound, grew.Many people have said that I have an angelic, beautiful voice.
One that I feel takes people on a journey to their own divine nature.


You too have a unique voice that you can use to take yourself on a divine
journey.  To use for your own meditation.


Even if you think it’s not good enough. There really is simple steps you
can take to change that, with consistent practice.


ninindi-filled-with-lightOne of those steps is to fill your whole body with the sound of your voice.
Envisage a channel of light shining down on you through your whole core.
Everywhere the light shines is open.


When you open your voice to make sound, take a deep breath and let the
sound emerge from the very bottom of your core.


Sound is felt in your body.


When sound vibrates through  your body, it relaxes your sympathetic nervous
system.  Allowing you to gain greater clarity and focus in your life.


A peaceful sense of calm and serenity.  It also allows your to access your
inner guidance, intuition and insights.


Sound is a movement of breathe, and of Spirit.


You may celebrate the power of your voice as an expression of your heart.


And by celebrating your voice and your body, you improve that natural tone
of your voice as you improve the quality of your life.


My life has had it’s ups and downs like everyone else.  However I do notice that
when I am in my heart space and singing in pure joy, I am much more capable
of handling anything life has to offer.


I sing for the love of singing.  My favourite being pure melody, no lyrics,
using my voice as an instrument of melodic sound.


I recorded an album like this with a very talented musician, Lee Hardisty.
I asked Lee, “can I come and record with you, with you playing didg (didgeridoo),
and me singing.”


So we did. No practice.


Just pure, spontaneous music, for an album I call ‘Playful Heart’.


Playful Heart Digital Download CD by Ninindi Johnstone



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