“Sacred and danceable” music that gets you in the flow every time.

Feel a surge of presence and power when you listen to Ninindi’s voice singing..

Sitting on the thick grass next to my partner, a shaman from the Western Desert, I burst out singing in a timeless melody.  One that expresses my innermost intuitive feelings in that moment.

Sharing my voice with those present, creates a sense of nurturing and ever-lasting peace for them.

Whilst my partner is working one-on-one with people, assisting them in recognising their true self, I will often hold space.  This, at times, involves me sharing the gift of my voice.

It also serves to change the vibration, to lift their experience into another time-space dimension.


This expression of my voice to shift vibration and lift one’s experience is my favourite use of my voice and song.

Pure melody for the sake of the sound’s vibration rocking through my body, and enlightening others on it’s way.

It’s what I live for.

I love it.

From the first time I can remember my parents singing to me on long drives in the country, to singing my children to sleep, singing on stage, or in the bath at home, I’ve loved singing.

It’s been a constant in my life.  It helps me feel free.

And it’s gives me a sense of peace, of continual blessings bestowed upon me.

I share my music with people as an expression of who I am and what I stand for.

That you may feel what it’s like to live with the elements, in the natural environment and cherish it.

Fo so long, I have received so much guidance on how to live in spiritual harmony on the land as the Original People did.

That I want to share that knowing with you via song.

Pure melody, and when added inspiring lyrics, that transport you from the world you know into pure and utter peace.  To higher ever-lasting knowing.

A feeling and a knowing that there is more to life.  There is more to know and be known for.   That you are one with the force of nature.  That you know your own nature.

Melody and song that gives you a sense of peace and being.  For you to be present and at home in yourself.

July 2002, a baby in belly for 5 months, and I’m on stage at the local club with a pieced together group of brilliant musicians singing my songs with lyrics that are rocking the house down.

IMG_0399“Sacred and danceable”, is how it was described in the town.

The club was full of women dancing, with tables pushed to the side and beer-drinking men watching from the sidelines, some dancing too.

One friend said, “There’s a depth of soul and spirit to your music, and vibrancy and integrity, that sometimes just really made me want to be with, but other times I was up dancing heaps as well.

There’s a real diversity to what you bring to your performance.  As and artist, and as a performer.

So, I had a great dance, and had an awesome time.

That power of heart and spirit in your music is really special, it’s really unique.

I took away a full heart, and I felt really inspired.  Really awakened and in touch with myself too.

Because I think when we share out gifts, the fullness of who we are and our creativity, and that integrity of our own self expression, that that then sparks and ignites that in others.”

Another dear friend said that my music, “it makes me feel peace, connected with myself.   Also it’s like travelling, to have a kind of journey to another space, or another dimension, to another world.

This world is possible to just feel from your soul and your heart, and connect with other people who sense that vibe.

So, yeah, you could say it’s a type of massage for the inside, a massage for your heart, and a massage for you brain.

And it reminds me also of when the angels are singing.  A beautiful voice with strength inside the melody.

The lyrics also connect with a part of me, that is the hope of this world, and the hope that something different is possible.

It’s like feeling your skin.  To perceive in another way what is around you.

I recommend Ninindi’s music very, very much, because you can just be with it and listen, and you can also have an active part in it, like dancing. Letting yourself be free.  Free to dance that comes to you.

Or, at the same time you can do meditation.  Just be quiet and still with yourself.

The first time that I listened to you, I remember that you were in the Crystal Waters Markets.  I was listening from far away, and I was like Wow!  Who’s voice is that?

And slowly, slowly, my body, my soul, came to the market to listen and I stayed sitting down all the time, feeling all the harmonies, the ups and downs.  It sounds so easy to do, yet it’s difficult for me to do.

I think that your music, your voice, connects to another kind of reality, like Divinity.  You’re a channel from other dimensions to here, or a channel to what we have inside ourselves to express through the music.”

Many friends tell me that my songs send tingles down their spine, and raise goosebumps on their skin.

What do you feel when you listen to my music.  I’m happy to hear your thoughts and feelings. You can post your comments below.


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