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“My names Gillian, I’m from Maleny. I was feeling great actually, because I was really excited about seeing Ninindi peform. Yeah, I’ve seen perform around the place a few times and love her music. I was in a great space.  Really excited, yeah and lots of friends were out.

Yeah.. I was doing a bit of this at the gig. Really tuning in and feeling it because Ninindi’s music really touches my heart. Really stirs my soul and spirit.

There’s a depth of soul and spirit to her music, and a vibrancy and integrity, that sometimes just really made me want to be with it. But other times I was up dancing heaps as well.

There’s a really diversity to what she brings to her performance.  As an artist.  A a performer.

So, I had a great dance, and had an awesome time.

That power of heart and spirit in her music is really special, it’s really unique.

Unique is something I’d definitely say about this sister’s music.

Took away a full heart, and I felt really inspired. Really awakened and in touch with myself too.. Cause I think when we share our gifts, the fullness of who we are and our creativity, and that integrity of our own self expression, that that then sparks and ignites that in others.

So I felt really sparked up myself.

Create and sing and play…

I love Ninindi’s music, check her out, cause she is awesome!” 

Gillian Love

“Ninindi is an Earth-maiden who is here to connect people with the love of the Earth.”  Angel Starr

“Wow Ninindi, just checked out your website and LOVE your music sis, thanks for sharing and sending your vibration to me and our great mother!!”
Renee Ukena

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“Good on you Ninindi there is a very clearing tone to your sound I love it..! I get chills or shivers around my aura. Bless you xox”
Efrosini Alexopoulos

“I think that what it makes me feel is to connect with myself..

It makes me feel peace, connected with myself, also it’s like to travel.. to have a kind of journey to another space, or another dimension, to another, yeah, like.. another world…

..this world is possible to just feel from your soul and your heart, and connect with other people who sense that vibe..

So, yeah, some could say it is type of massage.. inside.. a massage for your heart..  a massage for your, also for your brain..

So, and yeah,.. remembers.. reminds me also like when the angels are singing.. kind of beautiful voice with a strength too.. yeah, inside that melody..

And also the lyrics.. the lyrics also connect with the.. a part of me.. that is that hope of this world and, that hope of something different is possible, and..

I don’t know, I don’t know.. I think is.. yeah.. is to feel your skin.. is just to perceive your.. perceive in another way.. what is around you.

I would recommend it very, very much, because you can.. and also you can have a part of be active, you know like, dancing and let yourself free.. of that dance that can come to you..

Or, at the same time you can do just the kind of meditation, so it’s also that part of just be quiet and still with yourself..

So, yes I would recommend it, and I’m trying to learn all the lyrics.

And yes,.. It’s easy when you really believe what you’re saying, you know, it’s just to listen to yourself inside, and it’s easy to describe..

Well the first time that I listen to you I remember that you were in the market.. in the market..  and I listen from far away.. and I was like WoW!..  What’s that voice?

And slowly, slowly my body, my soul, came to the market to listen and I stayed sitting down all the time.. and feeling all the harmonies, the ups and downs..  so it looks so easy to do, but it’s too difficult to do..

So, yeah, I think that it connects to another kind of thing that, like Divinity, or another, like, yeah a channel..

I will say too, I will say that she is kind of channel from other dimension to here, or from other yeah,.. or a channel to what we have inside to express through the music..”

“Feels so soothing.”
Maree Reidel

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“Ninindi has had great reactions from audiences at many of our open mic nights.  She has excellent pitch of voice and engages the audience with her direct approach and clear lyrics.”
Danny Rose, Music Manager at UpFront Club

“My friend Mazz is a singer and plays in a band and she said your music & voice gave her the shivers down her spine.”
Jenny Love Lynn

“Your singing is like a vine growing, nature developing, connecting strands, flowing over you.  Nature sounds.”

Merri Winter

“Sacred and Danceable.”
Colleen Verhaaren, Friend and New Age Lightworker

“So, about Ninindi’s music..

We rocked up at the UpFront and everyone was in anticipation of what was coming.. and we were all chatting away busily..

The next minute this angel voice starts.. and everybody stopped.. and their mouths just dropped..

And I was taken another place.  It was like melting..

It’s very moving and the first time I heard Ninindi, she had the same effect on me where I just felt chills up my spine listening to her music..

She has a very beautiful voice bringing the new dimensional aspects through to, to us all..

We’re not only hearing with our ears, but we’re feeling with our heart.. and you could almost feel like you’re in another world.

She has a great way of channelling her music through, and affecting everybody.

Yeah, like, of course.. I would want everyone to be affected by this music because it lifts your vibration.  It makes you feel peaceful within yourself and your heart.

So, of course I would love everyone to hear her music, and I know that’s what’s going to happen..


Bobbie Richardson

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I love your voice, how it resonates to the depths of my soul. You have such an amazing gift Beautiful Woman ♥”
Misha Elle, Friend and Fable

“The music fills your being with peace, joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times.”
John Harracharan, Award winning Self-help Author and Speaker

“Ninindi Johnstone has one of the most healing, mother earth voices. If you have a spare 20 minutes please drop in to experience her sound. You can also purchase her music, just ask her and she will show you how. ♥”
Grace Hart

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