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“Ninindi Johnstone has one of the most healing, mother earth voices. If you have a spare 20 minutes please drop in to experience her sound. You can also purchase her music, just ask her and she will show you how. ♥” – Grace Hart

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Yes!  Here’s How To Purchase Ninindi’s Earth Mother Music!

Song Download – Water (A Devotional Honouring of Water with Chant and Relaxation Music – Using a Mix of Light Language and English)

Water CD by Ninindi Johnstone

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2 Albums for the Price of 1

Purchase Water and automatically receive Playful Heart Album

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Water AlbumCD – Water (A Devotional Honouring of Water withn Chant and Relaxing Meditation Music – Using a mix of Light Language and English)

More Info

  1. Tahishja Mahalan – Honouring Water MP3  Lyrics
  2. Maraj Jambum – Honouring the Dimensions MP3  Lyrics
  3. Mahal Maqueita – Tranquility and Peace MP3  Lyrics
  4. Bubbling Water – Water of Life MP3  (No Lyrics)
  5. Ocean Tides – Respecting the Tides MP3  Lyrics
  6. Like a Raindrop – Honouring Water II MP3 Lyrics
  7. River Flows, River Goes – Respect for the Flowing Water MP3  Lyrics
  8. Kitta Katta Kitta Ke (Thunderstorm Rain Increase Song) – Respect for Rain MP3 Lyrics
  9. Rain Beating on my Window – Respect for Rain II MP3 Lyrics
  10. Aya Aya Kitaro (Rain Spirits Come on Down) MP3 Lyrics
  11. Water for Life   Lyrics MP3 Lyrics
  12. Facts for Consumptions  Words MP3 Lyrics

Playful Heart AlbumSong Download – Playful Heart (Vocal Instrumental Play combining Didgeridoo, Thumb Piano, Saxophone, Drum and Voice – No Lyrics)

More Info

  1. Open Earth Dreaming MP3
  2. Reflection MP3
  3. Lightness and Play MP3
  4. Across the Distance MP3
  5. Inspired MP3
  6. Further Lightness and Play MP3
  7. Zebra MP3
  8. Children’s Melody MP3
  9. Open Earth Expanded MP3
  10. Earth Play MP3
  11. Jumping Kangaroo MP3
  12. African Plains MP3