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Women’s Songs for Cultivating Awareness of Honouring Woman

How to Revere Sacred Women’s Rites and Lore – How to Revere Yourself

Embrace your Womanhood

Do you seek a connection to your heart?  To the heart of many women?

In a common ground of women being women and mothers being mothers, embrace your womanhood in chant and song.  Togetherness achieved in the primal dance of song – heart song.

If you seek fulfilment of peace in yourself and wish to embrace and accept yourself as a women and mother.. to honour yourself as woman and or a mother…

Join the trail of women here who devote themselves to Infinite Knowingness.

Become More Intimate With All That You Are

Who Else Wants To Embrace Their Womanhood With Sacred Women’s Song and Women’s Business Ceremony?

In a world where time is short and concepts are the epitome of life, Earth Mother Dreaming brings you back to Earth.

For woman.

A space to be held, nurtured … given the acknowledgement you desire.

A space in which we delve deeply into what it is to be a woman.

What it is to feel free, liberated from societal inadequacy.

To grow and mature and be welcomed as woman.

To reconnect with who you really are and what it is you are here to fulfil in life – your life purpose.

What it is to be Woman

Growing up or Transition phase ‘Rights of passage’

A recognition and acknowledgement of the growth phases we all go through to become adult.

First welcome to Earth when you come Earth-side, then becoming present or landing on Earth as a child, and then growing up as young woman coming into her cycles and preparing herself for womanhood, maturing as woman and taking on a mate when ready, and lastly maturing as an elder, the wise woman..

Body connection

Caring for your body with rituals like yoni steaming, kegels exercises, earthing: nurturing and sustenance – a reflection of caring for country (your part of Earth or your belonging place as custodian or carer)

Earth connection or Connection to country

We all belong somewhere on Earth.

Our bodies are a fractal of the Universe that work like an antenna: feeling and sensing everything around us.

When you consciously connect to your country, your belonging place here on Earth you develop a sense of security from your connection.  Connect intimately with nature, know who you are through where you belong.

A little like Astrology in terms of gleaning a sense of your own character through the knowledge of what lives in your environment.  And more so, the ability to heal and transform your being and your country through your conscious connection to it.  Realising that Earth is a living being and your energy has the ability to transform anything.

Sexual Knowledge

As woman you are vital to the world, to life. Being intimate with another being is a sacred event and not one to be taken lightly.

Yes, it can be light and fun, yet your self-worth and value are of vital importance.

Too often women have been abused or misused as girls and maintain trauma in their bodies.  Too often women grew up with out their mother’s guidance about being and becoming a woman.  Too often women associate fast and hard sex with the goal of orgasm as the only way to have sexual intercourse.

Most often this leads to a lot of frustration in life and misguided sense of how to be a woman.

Connection to your body is of upmost importance.  Listening to your body.  Clearing those emotional imprints and working with what is actually present for you.

That will improve your sex life and your connection with your partner.

Home and Family

To be the nurturer of your children. To know how to guide these beings you chose to be with you.  How that fits in with your life as a woman and where you fit in with your children.

Men, Mates and Love Relationships

Respecting men as you respect yourself.  A true honouring of the sacred relationship between man and woman.  What are our true roles?  How do we communicate and be with each other? How do you know who your mate is?  It’s all about listening to your body once again.

Discover the fundamentals of listening and being with yourself first, and then you can discover the intimate weaving of relationship with man.

Women connection - Sacred Sister Circle

Connection with other women in a supportive, healthy environment.  Free from judgement and societal beliefs.  A place to help each other nourish and grow spiritually.  Transformative sister space where we hold in each other is sacred sanctity.

Growing up Girls

How to guide our girls into womanhood.  To become the woman they truly can be.  With freedom, support, acknowledgement, safety and self-value.

Knowledge of the Old Ones, the Grandmothers

When you are present in your body, then you can take in the knowledge of the Old Old Ones. The Grandmother wisdom flows freely through you when complete all your sacred rites.

Come together and celebrate your affinity for the Grandmother role.

Come be a part of discovering the true wisdom of woman.

Earth Mother Dreaming is a gathering of women where you may discover the very essence of you who you are and connect intimately with all aspects of yourself in a relaxed, safe environment.

A sacred space is held during the entire gathering.

You will be held and nurtured and taken through very special initiation rites and transformation phases.

Become the woman you know you can be.  Grow yourself up and connect intimately with who you really are.

“The music fills your being with peace, joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times.” – John Harracharan

Tribal Spirit Women Unite


Tribal Spirit women from around the world collaborate to create gorgeous women’s songs music videos.

To join, learn any or all of the songs below and sing with women in your area.  Video yourselves (with dancing, weaving, or whatever you way, shape or form it takes for you) and send it to Earth Mother Music for collating.

Earth Mother Music will upload a copy as is of your video to our Earth Mother Dreaming Facebook page, Youtube channel, and other social media.  Then a collective video will be edited with all your contributions and prominently displayed on Earth Mother Dreaming.

Please acknowledge and when you share these songs.

Want Ninindi to come and sing with you and lead ceremony with your group of women?  Contact Ninindi on  0499 983 902 or use the contact form for further enquiries.

Sing in the same key and time signature as displayed so that the music videos can be coordinated together easily.

Powerful Mother

Key: F#m Time Signature: 4/4 Beats Per Minute: 17bpm

Main melody is in Alto

Complete$0 $1 $2   Alto$0 $1 $2  Soprano – $0 $1 $2    Tenor – $0 $1 $2   Solo – $0 $1 $2


Blessings from All Ancient Mothers

Wild Women

Ancient Women Are Calling

Key: Bm  Time Signature:  4/4  Beats Per Minute: 110bpm

Main Melody is in Alto

Complete    Alto 1    Alto 2    Soprano    Tenor    All

Kai Nai Mairang

The Heart of Me

Peace in Your Heart

Key: Am  Time Signature:  2/4  Beats Per Minute: 90bpm

Main Melody is in Alto

Complete    Alto    Soprano    Tenor

Tribe’s Woman

Key: Em  Time Signature:  4/4  Beats Per Minute: 70bpm

Main Melody is in Alto

Complete    Alto    Solo    Soprano 1    Soprano 2

Sacred Land (We Walk Upon)

I AM Spiritual Woman

Key: Am  Time Signature:  4/4  Beats Per Minute: 80bpm

Main Melody is in Alto

Complete    Alto 1    Alto 2     Soprano    Solo

*We acknowledge our good men for supporting us in opening up our voices and taking our place in the world.