Water – Rain Beating on my Window – Lyrics


Water AlbumWater - A Devotional Honouring of Water in Chant and Relaxing Meditation Music (Using a mix of Light Language and English Lyrics)

Rain Beating on my Window – Respect for Rain II (Meditative Spontaneous Music)

Romee ram ram
Romee ram ram
Romee ram ram namo
Kula lam lam
Kula lam lam 
Kula lam lam lamo
Kianano kianano kianano kianano
Ram ram ram
Rara ram ram
Rara ram ooade
Laree ram ram
Laree ram ram
Laree ram ram orwe e
Soree ram ram
Soree ram
Soree lam konkreawe
Orwe lerwe
Orwe lerwe lelawe
Orwe lerwe lelalawe
Kuringairing kuringairing kuringairing
Re ram ram
Naree ram ram
Raree ram ram rarwe
Raree ram ram
Warawarare ram ram
Lelalelame lam lam lelalelawe
Raree ram ram
Raree ram
Naree ram nemawe
Raree ram
Raree ram
Raree ram miralwe

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