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(Playful Heart is included in the song download of Water)

An experiment in sound with Lee Hardisty, multi-instrumentalist playing Didgeridoo, Thumb Piano, Saxophone, Drum and Ninindi Johnstone on Voice.


“Ninindi, I just jumped on your website and loved the playfulness of your music…as well as the message it sends. .. I agree that the way into the hearts of people is through music and singing.  Listening is great but when we get them singing or humming along, their own vibration gives form to their vision.  Everyone is inspired!  And I loved listening to your music and have marked the website to return.”

Brenda Williams of the Triad Wave

Playful Heart AlbumSong Download – Playful Heart (Vocal Instrumental Play combining Didgeridoo, Thumb Piano, Saxophone, Drum and Voice – No Lyrics)

More Info

  1. Open Earth Dreaming 
  2. Reflection 
  3. Lightness and Play 
  4. Across the Distance 
  5. Inspired 
  6. Further Lightness and Play 
  7. Zebra 
  8. Children’s Melody 
  9. Open Earth Expanded 
  10. Earth Play 
  11. Jumping Kangaroo 
  12. African Plains 

An Artistic Experiment

Playful Heart is the result of a improved recording between myself and a renowned musician on the Sunshine Coast of ‘Australia’, and that’s Lee Hardisty.

I asked Lee one day if he could record for me and play some background instrumentals for me.

The result is a playful mix of a variety of instruments with my voice.

I have a penchant for the feel of Tribal Africa, and Original ‘Australia’.  So my naming of the songs, well actually what the songs remind me of are these things.

I hope you like Playful Heart for it’s improvised nature and the spontaneity of sound.  Enjoy!