Experience and Appreciate the Essence of Water


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Water AlbumCD – Water (A Devotional Honouring of Water within Chant and Relaxing Meditation Music – Using a mix of Light Language and English)


  1. Tahishja Mahalan – Honouring Water 
  2. Maraj Jambum – Honouring the Dimensions 
  3. Mahal Maqueita – Tranquility and Peace 
  4. Bubbling Water – Water of Life  (No Lyrics)
  5. Ocean Tides – Respecting the Tides 
  6. Like a Raindrop – Honouring Water II 
  7. River Flows, River Goes – Respect for the Flowing Water 
  8. Kitta Katta Kitta Ke (Thunderstorm Rain Increase Song) – Respect for Rain 
  9. Rain Beating on my Window – Respect for Rain II 
  10. Aya Aya Kitaro (Rain Spirits Come on Down) 
  11. When Will We Wake Up – Water for Life
  12. Facts for Consumptions  Words 

Be transported into different worlds in nature

Water: the album, is designed to take you from one experience of water to another, from being the creek’s water, to enjoying dancing in the rain, and as such transports you into different worlds in nature.

 ”I love your cd Ninindi!!!   I am listening to it now…”
Natalie Brown

Via enchanting and uplifting lyrics, melody and sounds, and the intuited (Ancient) light language that I channelled when I wrote the songs, Water takes you on a journey.

When you listen to Water relaxation music, you’re not just listening to an album, you are being taken to the essence of the feeling space of water.. You may allow yourself to ‘enter the zone’ of absolute stillness, presence, in the now..

To experience and appreciate the essence of water in its varied forms.

 “I listened to your cd while I was driving in traffic this morning.  It completely relaxed me.  Normally I would be road raging, of traffic jam.”
Big Note Productions

A Background on the production of Water: the album

I recorded my Water album in a little community that we were travelling through at the time, in the year 2002.

I remember clearly – being in Maleny a few weeks before that and stating that I had this need to record some of my music.

I was searching around for a topic to record about because I didn’t actually have many songs written at the time..

And what came up as a theme was water.

So, after leaving Maleny we came upon a small community with a home recording studio, and a fellow called Immantz (ex-drummer for the Skyhooks) who was the sound engineer.

I asked if I could record with him, and the next couple of days we’re a flurry of me writing song with melodies floating ’round my head with a one and a half year old child still clinging to his momma.

That’s how improvised this album was.  I had a topic.  I had a dream.  I had the opportunity, and I took it!

With both arms open and a lot of trust, the Water Album was born.

“I got your water cd a long, long time ago.. I don’t know when you make it for the first time, six years ago maybe it was..It’s amazing! I love it so much, and yeah, I want to hear more of it, so enjoy.. Ninindi will do even better I think.  I always put it on again you know..  It goes on and on.. ..very fluid.. and uplifting.. they’re happy songs.”

Yahn, Crystal Waters Permaculture Village during Crystal Water Markets.

Water: A Precious Resource

I chose water as the theme of my album as way to promote how precious water is in and of itself.

To change the vibration around water and to portray this message -  treat water, like any other precious thing on the planet..  with Respect. Really appreciate it’s life giving qualities..

“The obvious message through the lyrics and so on is around valuing this resource of water and taking note of every drop, and really appreciate the gift that it brings..  That message is very clear.Well anticipating what was coming, cause I had heard you at the club  and really enjoyed that night, so.. and I bought the cd that night.. and I was looking forward to hearing it..  So there was a lot of anticipation moving through..  And I wasn’t disappointed really…What did evoke?  Memories of that wonderful night and just the melodies, just lifted my heart..  Beautiful!  Beautiful!

The feeling that it generates, that’s, you know, it brings feelings of joy, because, you know, it’s… it’s got a lot to do with the fact that I know you.  I know the beauty of your being, you know, having being friends and so on.. So that all comes through the music..  And I’m sure anyone gets that, that listens to it.” –  Rob Clark www.robclarksignart.com

Rob Clark at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Saturday Markets

Without water, how long can you live?

We, as a species, as with any other species, are reliant on water.  Pure water.

Without it we die.  Simple as that.
So, be aware of how you use water.  Be aware of the quality of your water..  Be aware about taking care of your water supply – that includes rivers, what you put down the drain, what you wash with..  It all affects you too.

“Dear Ninindi, What can I say?

Your CD is breathtaking. You’ve surprised me girlfriend! Knowing you as I do ~a spiritually charged, yet deeply grounded woman, always ready to try something creative and new and always ready to give so much good to this beaten up earth of ours~ I expected it would be good. When you were telling me about your creative process and of how this music was channelled through you and barely rehearsed, I knew it would be beautiful. But Nina, I never knew that when I listened to it, it would bring me to tears. I never knew the earth would be calling me through your beautiful voice and your special way.

Thank you my friend for helping the earth in its healing, for her and for us. I never knew it would be *stunning*.” Xx

Melanie Smith