Do You Value Your Body?

It’s the only one you’ve got, so why wouldn’t you value your body?

If you don’t look after it, who will? And yet, most of us don’t.  

At least, not enough.

If we did, there would not be any disease, disharmony with nature, or illness.

Did you know that your body is a receptacle of all your thoughts and emotions?

That whenever you feel strong emotions and thoughts, they are stored in the cells of your body?

And these strong emotions and thoughts can block the flow of your natural body workings.

Since we are taught through our societal environment to hold onto and ignore these intense thoughts and emotions, they get caught in our body system.

They get impounded through stress, and through continued self-flagellation and self-abuse related to the conditioning and programming we acquire during the first few formative years of life.

They are very rarely released.  Except for those who meditate or consciously choose to deal with these buried emotions through very effective healing modalities.

The connection between emotions and disease becomes obvious when you look at the ripples created by ignoring and denying yourself.

Your body, when you are aligned with it, is a very useful tool in letting you know what it requires.  From what to eat, to giving you messages that you help you change your course in life.

Your body tells you everything you need to know, to be and stay in harmony with life.  A quality life.

This is called resilience and emotional intelligence in some circles.  Walking the middle path in Eastern philosophy.

How do you begin the journey of resilience and emotional intelligence?  Of aligning with the innate intelligence of your body to gain and remain in harmony?

Step 1:  Acknowledge and recognise that you are worth the effort of changing your beliefs for the benefit of your being.

Step 2:  Become your own best friend.  Start being friendly to yourself.  Be a witness to your own self-flagellation and self-abuse.  Notice when you are downgrading yourself and flag it as resistance to be shifted.  More often than not, this means becoming more self aware.  So take some time away every day to meditate, either a sitting still meditation, or  movement meditation.  Just get your comfy pants on and allow your mind to wonder and let go of self-flagellating thoughts.

Step 3:  Appreciate yourself along the way.  After every meditation, or healing modality, thank yourself, be grateful for yourself, encourage yourself for moving on.  For shifting the sh*t.  For taking action for your self-value.  Be inspired.  Live life with a full heart and follow that connection to source.

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