Social Anxiety: The Big Pain in my ‘Life’

 It took 40 Years of my Life.. Building Confidence in Talking to People Comfortably..

I was not always comfortable talking to people like I am now.

In fact it was a struggle.

I was painfully shy and barely spoke to the few friends I had.  And I never managed to keep these friends through transitions in my life.  From primary school to high school to university and afterwords, I ‘lost’ my main friend of the time and never spoke to them or saw them again.

Society Anxiety: It's Depressing!

On top of the shyness, I would have major emotional reactions to people.  Combine that with the shyness, and I would retreat into my own devastating shell where I would block my emotions and block out all people.

It’s taken me my whole life so far to discharge enough emotional bombs to feel confident building relationships with people.  To have enough self-assurance to talk to people like they’re friends – because they are.

How did I overcome social anxiety and shyness?

Basically I did a lot of work on myself.  I took an active role in self-observation and then dealing with the emotional baggage.

The main way I did that was by accepting help.

For many, many years my partner was rock in my life, providing stability.  And together we worked on clearing my Ancestral lineage.

After that, I felt this need to work with someone else, preferably a woman.  Bodytalk Access caught my attention.  A local practitioner, also a friend of ours, gave me just about weekly sessions for about two years.

In these sessions I had a range of issues cleared, released and integrated, such as, discharging the energy of my isolation at birth.  I was a premmie cesarian baby and put in a humidicrib (incubator) when first born.  The impact from this isolation set me up in a huge predicament.   Growing up I would always block out the people around me and only let a select few into my vision or focus.  It was social tunnel vision.  I was to scared to allow other people in.

Another issue that I clearly remember Bodytalk brought up, was rejection while I was in the womb.  I’m not sure what my mother felt rejected by, but everything a mother feels, the child feels and absorbs.  This issue, being a precursor to the humidicrib, must have set up the parameters of my social tunnel vision.

These are only two issues that were cleared during my time with Bodytalk.  I absolutely love the modality, yet I still felt like I needed more after that.

Next, I found an article about this guy who founded Star Magic Healing.  It talked about his journey into his healing awareness, and how that started him off on his journey of assisting others with their healing.

I was in.  I even went to England to become a facilitator of this modality.  Before that though, I bought myself a healing session with him to test out the goods.

Guess what I based my session on?

You got it!  Being able to talk freely with people.

So, he came back to me after this healing with this information:

‘Yesterday’s healing worked on 6 different realities where you were not heard properly and didn’t speak your truth.

The patterns in these lives held strong karmic conditioning over you. I released them all. They were very heavy.

These caused a lot of indecision and fear. Hesitation.  This was definitely playing a part in your not moving forward.

You were also beaten down verbally and physically on occasion’s in those previous lives/parallel realities.

I feel you have been beaten down in a sense in this life too.’

This may be a little far out for some people.  But I totally get into quantum realities, parallel lives and such.

And it makes sense to me.

It also added another layer to the whole social phobia thing for me.  That it stemmed from beyond this life reality and was playing out in other connected life realities.

After this modality, I was speaking to another home schooling mum who studied Pysch-K. And yes, you can probably see the trend here.  I decided to get myself some of this action too.  Whenever I have a ‘gut feeling’ to try out something, I go for it.

So I had a session with the national Pysch-K trainer for Oz.

My focus for this session was building my Earth Mother Music business.  And yet, I got so much more from it.

The most basic way I can describe Pysch-K is it’s a belief changing modality.  Want more information than that – go look it up.  It’s great!

Amongst installing new beliefs about my growing my business, there were some core beliefs thrown in as well.  Beliefs that many people lack.

Some of these were:  I am loved, I am cherished, I am accepted for who I am.

These were like the cream on top of a very yummy pie.

I’ve felt instant changes with most of the work I’ve done on myself.  It’s been a constant journey, and many of these changes are incremental.

Like my Bodytalk practitioner says, all this transformation can be achieved through self-awareness and meditation.  Allowing yourself to be and feel these emotions, crazy thoughts, etc, and letting them go.  I like to fast track.  That’s why I’ve been to see these people who help other people.  And that’s why I’ll continue to see other people that help other people.

My main aim with writing this blog post is to say that – “Hey, it’s alright.  The bomb’s the bomb’s the bomb.  You can move through or beyond your ‘issues’.  It gets easier. And let other people help you.  We’re mostly social creatures that require touch, connection, peace. And peace can be found when you release the bomb’s that make up your emotional tick-tock triggers.”

Love to you all.

Peace out and all that.  Peace Out


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