Power Songs

The Soul – The Essence – In A Song

Ingrain New Beliefs, Habits or Actions Through Song

“The next minute this angel voice starts.. and everybody stopped.. and their mouths just dropped..

And I was taken another place.  It was like melting..

It’s very moving and the first time I heard Ninindi, she had the same effect on me where I just felt chills up my spine listening to her music..

She has a very beautiful voice bringing the new dimensional aspects through to us all..

We’re not only hearing with our ears, but we’re feeling with our heart.. and you could almost feel like you’re in another world.

She has a great way of channeling her music through, and affecting everybody.”

Bobbie Richardson

A Power Song Written Just For You..

Whether for healing, meditation, or an expression of your spirit/soul or intent, power songs are an ideal creative way to establish a new belief, habit or ideal.

Power Songs demonstrate the essence of your state of potential or being.  Self-actualization through repetition and consent.

Music has the unique power to transport you to other worlds!  To bypass your conscious mind and imprint directly onto your subconscious forge new ways of being.

Ninindi performs Custom Songs

Let the music carry you into a new gateway of possibility, and allow the power of the carefully constructed words to shift your reality.

Power songs have the ability to impact you in many beneficial ways: for insightful meditation, as an expression of your soul, or an affirmation of who you are, for healing, or for new habit forming through repetition.

Have your very own power song produced by Ninindi to generate the desired intent you are aiming for.

“I love your voice, how it resonates to the depths of my soul. You have such an amazing gift Beautiful Woman ♥”

Misha Elle

Your Very Own Power Song Written For You!

Take your song with you wherever you go!  Discover exactly what it means to have a power song written for you, with your message, your power, your potential..

Custom Songs for Healing or Meditaiton

    • Healing
    • Meditation
    • Affirmations
    • Soul Songs






“The music fills your being with peace, joy and transcendence uncommon in ordinary times.”
John Harracharan, Award winning Self-help Author and Speaker

“Ninindi is an Earth-maiden who is here to connect people with the love of the Earth.”

Angel Star

“Your singing is like a vine growing, nature developing, connecting strands, flowing over you.  Nature sounds.”

Merri Winter

Song Samples

Ninindi Performs Custom SongsYou’re My Environmental Superhero (written for Suzanne Miller-Mustard and her husband Jeff Mustard)  mp3