For Healing and Meditation

Affirmations or Soul Songs

Power Songs

Soul Songs

Music has the power to bypass your conscious mind and imprint directly onto your subconscious forge new ways of being.

Let me work with you to create new pathways in your life through song.

Repetition has long been known as a way to ingrain new beliefs, habits or actions.

Discover how a power song can change your life..

Here’s How It Works (Song Samples & Videos Below):

Step 1. A one on one consultation with Ninindi.  Ninindi will talk to you in a relaxed interview-style relatable way over the phone, Skype or face to face.  She will get to know you and your aims for healing, meditation, life directive affirmations or soul song.  The essence from this conversation will be the backbone of your power song.

Step 2. Ninindi will compose a rough draft of the song from your words and message.  When this is completed, she will contact you via email so that you may listen and review the lyrics of the song. Pending your approval or revisions.  The next step is..

Step 3. Ninindi will record, edit, mix and master your song in a professional recording studio with other musicians if required.

Step 4. Your gift wrapped hard copy CD in a case with lyric sheet will be given to you.  Add a custom CD cover!

Step 5. Get even more personal and have Ninindi perform your song Live in a Sing It Up chanting circle with a group of your choice!


“Good on you Ninindi there is a very clearing tone to your sound I love it..! I get chills or shivers around my aura. Bless you xox”
Efrosini Alexopoulos
“Ninindi’s music makes me feel peace and connection with myself.  It’s like a journey to another space, or another dimension.  Another world.  

It reminds me of angels singing.

The lyrics also connect with a part of me that is the hope of the world, and that hope that something different is possible.

I think that it connects to Divinity.  She is a channel from another dimension to here, or a channel to what we have inside us to express through music.”

“The next minute this angel voice starts.. and everybody stopped.. and their mouths just dropped..

And I was taken another place.  It was like melting..

It’s very moving and the first time I heard Ninindi, she had the same effect on me where I just felt chills up my spine listening to her music..

She has a very beautiful voice bringing the new dimensional aspects through to, to us all..

We’re not only hearing with our ears, but we’re feeling with our heart.. and you could almost feel like you’re in another world.

She has a great way of channelling her music through, and affecting everybody.”

Bobbie Richardson

Song Samples

Ninindi Performs Custom SongsYou’re My Environmental Superhero (written for Suzanne Miller-Mustard and her husband Jeff Mustard)  mp3





Order Now!


Radio quality studio version. $6,997 per song (or choose from alternative pricing according to your ability to purchase.*)

Contribute $2332 or $4664 or $6997






Ninindi’s LIVE performance of your song at Sing It Up Chanting Circle group of your choice $997.  If necessary, air fare & hotel paid separately (to be discussed).

Contribute $332 or $664 or $997





Custom music video with your personal pictures/videos integrated $797.

Contribute $265 or $530 or $797





Custom CD Cover for the hardcopy of your song $197.

Contribute $65 or $130 or $197





Original framed handwritten draft of song lyrics $97.

Contribute $32 or $64 or $97







Access to copyright and royalty benefits (enquire if interested).

Ninindi’s autographed CD “Water” (included).


* Earth Mother Music wishes for you to receive a custom power song no matter what your current financial ability.  The contribution pricing has been reduced as much as possible to still cover costs of production.