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ninindi-smiling-happyNinindi Johnstone is a singer with an angelic voice. She is an earth mother because she goes around walking barefoot on the earth – an earth walker, with six kids. And she has a passion to raise awareness of Earth Guardianship through music. To share music so people get to experience the essence of nature and life transformation through sound.

Ninindi spent many years honing her voice while singing for spiritual ceremonies that are much like creative visualisation processes and energetic counselling, geared towards earth healing and guardianship. This is an [ab]Original spiritual practice, for which Ninindi has been life learning.

Out of this learning, Ninindi created the album, ‘Water’. Which was inspired by ongoing awareness raising for water protection. ‘Water’, takes you on a journey through many various forms of water, such as rain and the burbling of a creek, expressed via sound and songs.

The songs are a mix of English language and light language, that is fluently verbalised through Ninindi. The tone of the music is very much relaxing, like water.

Ninindi performs these songs and other original songs based on nature, life transformation and affirmations, at local mini festivals and local spaces of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

She is in the planning stages of a music and movement immersion experience where people will get to connect with the beauty and essence of nature, transformation and earth guardianship, where from now we collectively have a traumatic and destructive relationship with nature.

Ninindi is also in the beginning stages of providing custom music to people, for couples, occasions, businesses, and transformational seminars. All with a focus on uplifting and positive lyrics to inspire and transform lives.

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Water CD by Ninindi Johnstone


Water CD
12 Tracks
Published 2002
Recorded by Imants ‘Freddie’ Strauks
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Playful Heart Digital Download CD by Ninindi Johnstone


Playful Heart Album
12 Tracks
Published 2013
Recorded by Lee Hardisty
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